Dr Edwin Hawkins

Edwin conducted his PhD with Professor Phil Hodgkin at the WEHI where he pioneered the use of in vitro time-lapse microscopy to study lymphocyte fate commitment. In 2008, he was awarded an NHMRC early career fellowship to relocate to the Peter Mac with Professor Sarah Russell to study molecular mechanisms that regulate these processes and how they influence development of leukemia. In 2012, he received fellowships from the Wellcome Trust and European Haematology Association to move to Imperial College London to establish microscopy techniques allowing multi-day visualisation of immune cells and leukemia development in vivo. Using this approach, Edwin defined how leukemia cells interact with bone marrow microenvironments. Edwin returned to WEHI October 2015 as an NHMRC RD Wright Fellow to start his own laboratory applying these techniques to study regulation of the immune response, leukemia and metastasis of cancer cells.