Dr Diana Stojanovski

Dr Stojanovski is a mitochondrial biologist located in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Melbourne and the Bio21 Institute. Her team researches the mechanisms and machineries that oversee mitochondrial protein import in human mitochondria and how perturbations in these pathways/machines lead to disease.

Dr Stojanovski obtained her PhD from La Trobe University in 2006 where she worked with Prof. Mike Ryan on the emerging topic of mitochondrial dynamics. In 2006, she moved to the University of Freiburg as an Alexander von Humboldt research fellow working with Prof. Nikolaus Pfanner on protein translocation systems in yeast mitochondria. She returned to La Trobe University in 2009 as an Australian post-doctoral fellow and in 2013 she was recruited to the University of Melbourne to start her independent research group.