Prof Sharon Tooze

Sharon Tooze is a Cell Biologist and Senior group leader at the Francis Crick Institute in London, UK. Sharon completed her PhD and post-doctoral work at EMBL, Heidelberg in the Cell Biology Programme. Sharon is an EMBO member, a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, and editor of the journal Traffic. Sharon has published over 150 papers during her career, and has organized a number of international conferences including two Gordon Conferences, two Keystone Meetings and over 10 EMBO workshops.

Sharon’s interest is in mammalian autophagy, encompassing protein trafficking, in vitro reconstitution, and structure-function analysis of proteins. Her laboratory identified key autophagy proteins, ULK1, ATG13 and ATG9A, and now studies these proteins to gain an understanding of their function in autophagy. In addition, her laboratory has carried out genome-wide and targeted screens to identify new autophagy regulatory proteins as well as to obtain further in-depth molecular understanding of autophagy.

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