Dr Lan Nguyen

Dr Lan Nguyen currently heads the Integrative Network Modelling Laboratory at the Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI), Monash University and currently holds a Victorian Cancer Agency mid-career fellowship. Prior to establishing his independent research lab at the BDI, he undertook postdoctoral training with systems biology pioneers Boris Kholodenko and Walter Kolch at Systems Biology Ireland, a European-leading institute dedicated to systems biology and systems medicine research. He became a junior group leader at Systems Biology Ireland in 2014 before moving across continents to Monash University late 2015. His research interest revolves around network biology, specifically the exploitation of computational in close integration with experimental methods to obtain systems-level understanding of complex biological networks, and to design network-based strategies for the treatment of cancer. He also has a strong passion in training the next generation of interdisciplinary biomedical scientists; as such, his lab comprises of both dry and wet resources and expertise.

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